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Online Roulette Rules

Placing Your Bets

The roulette table features a betting grid, in which all the roulette numbers are laid out in three vertical columns and twelve horizontal rows. You place your bet by placing your chips — or, if you are playing roulette online, clicking your mouse — on the appropriate area of the roulette table.
There are two main types of bets: Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Inside Bets are placed inside the betting grid on the roulette table and pay out higher odds. Outside Bets are bets that are placed outside of the betting grid; they incorporate larger groups of numbers so the odds are naturally lower. You may place more than one bet in the same game of roulette.

Following is a list of the different types of roulette bets, with instructions on how to place the bet and the payout if you win the bet:

Inside Bets

Straight Up Bet — A straight-up bet pays out the highest odds. It is a bet on a single number only. To signify the bet, the chip is placed in the centre of the square of that number. A straight-up bet pays out 35:1.
Split Bet — A bet on two numbers that are adjacent to each other on the betting grid, either horizontally or vertically. The chip is placed on the line between the two numbers. The payout is 17:1.
Street Bet — A bet on three numbers in a horizontal row. The payout is 11:1.
Corner Bet (also known as Square Bet) — A bet on a block of four numbers on the grid. The chip is placed at the middle corner where the four squares meet. The payout is 8:1.
Five Number Bet — This bet is available in American Roulette only. It is a bet on five numbers that are made up of 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. To signify this bet, the chip is placed on the line between the 0 and 1. This bet pays out 6:1.
Line Bet — A bet on six numbers that are in two adjacent rows of three. The chip is placed on the line above the "Dozen bet" and it rests between the two rows that you are betting on. The payout is 5:1.
Outside Bets

Column Bet — This is a bet placed on one of the three vertical columns of 12 numbers. It pays out odds of 2:1.
Dozen Bet — This is a bet on the first dozen (numbers 1-12), second dozen (13-24), or third dozen (25-36). It pays out 2:1
Even-Money Bet — This is a general term for the even/odd bets, the high/low bets, and the color bets.
Even/Odd Bets — These are bets on either all the even numbers or all the odd numbers. They pay out 1:1.
High/Low Bets — These are bets on all the low numbers 1-18, or on all the high numbers 19-36. They pay out 1:1.
Color Bets — These are bets on all the red numbers or on all the black numbers. They pay out 1:1.

Online Roulette Variations

The reels are the main component of any slot machine. A reel is basically a wheel with symbols painted on it. When you click the Spin button, the reels spin around and eventually stop in a particular position.

The symbols on a slot machine can really be anything at all. They are often related to the theme of the slot machine game. Dolphin Tale, for example, has an underwater theme; symbols include dolphins, fish, clams, crabs, shrimp, and octopuses. Common symbols on many slot machines include playing cards, the number 7, and the bar symbol.

A payline is a line that runs across all the reels. A payline may be horizontal, diagonal, or zigzagged. When you bet on a particular payline, you are said to have "enabled" that payline. You win at slots when the winning symbols appear on a payline that you have enabled.

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