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Online Blackjack Rules

Learn the Blackjack Rules

Learn the rules of the blackjack game you are playing. Rules vary from game to game. Does the dealer hit or stand on soft 17? Is surrender an option? On what hands may you double down? Make sure you know the rules of the particular game of blackjack that you have chosen to play.

Try some of the more esoteric blackjack variations. Have you ever played pontoon? Double exposure blackjack? Spanish blackjack? Add some variety to your life. Try an unusual blackjack game. You just might find that you enjoy it more than "regular" blackjack, and in any event it is sure to make your life more interesting.

Go for the big money. Try playing Triple Sevens blackjack. This is a progressive jackpot online blackjack game, and this is where you can win really big money playing blackjack. If you get lucky enough, you could win up to $100,000 or even more on a single hand of blackjack.

Play free games. The land-based casinos don't allow this, but the online casinos do. Take advantage of the opportunity. Playing practice games with nothing at stake allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules, refine your blackjack strategy, and feel comfortable with the game. Then, when you feel good and ready, start playing real blackjack with real money bets.

Don't play at a blackjack table that makes you feel uncomfortable, either because of rules that don't favor you, or because of a dealer who is a jerk, or because of a player who gives you the heebie-jeebies. Don't play at a table where the minimum bet is more than 5 percent of your bankroll. (Of course, you don't have to worry about these things if you play blackjack online from the comfort of home.)

The Fine Points of the Blackjack Rules

The rules noted above are the standard rules of blackjack . But there are many blackjack games in the online casino , and there are variations in the fine points of the blackjack rules. Some blackjack games use one deck of cards, others use two, four, five, or eight. In some games the dealer stands on soft 17, in others he hits. In some games you can double down on any two cards, in others only on certain card totals. And some blackjack games allow you to surrender half your bet when your hand looks bad, in others you can't.

There are also many variations in the blackjack splitting rules. Can you split unlike 10-value cards, like a king and queen? Can you re-split if you receive another pair after splitting. Can you double down on your split hands? Is there a special rule saying split aces can receive only one more card, or can you hit as per usual after splitting aces? The answers to these questions vary among the different blackjack games.

The Importance of Knowing the Blackjack Rules

Knowledge of the variations in the rules of blackjack is your best guide to choosing which online blackjack game to play. Maybe you're looking for a single-deck game, or a game in which the dealer stands on soft 17, or a blackjack game in which you can double down whenever you want to. If you know the rules of the different blackjack games, you can make an informed decision. Otherwise, picking a blackjack game is just a random shot in the dark.

Knowledge of the rules is also important in making sure that you are using the correct blackjack basic strategy table . If you are playing a 4-deck game, and using a blackjack basic strategy table designed for a single-deck game, you will not be playing the optimal blackjack strategy . You won't want to play blackjack with a disadvantage like that, especially if you are playing blackjack for real money.

Finally, you don't want to have any rude surprises in the middle of playing blackjack online. If you really want to double down on a soft 15, and the blackjack software is not giving you a double down option, you could get angry or frustrated. The better option, however, is to understand that the rules of your particular blackjack game do not allow doubling in that situation. Then you can either decide calmly to hit instead of doubling, or you can search for a different blackjack game that does allow doubling down on soft 17. Either way, understanding of the rules will lead to your playing online blackjack in a good mood and a calm spirit, instead of with rancor and bitterness.

Unusual Blackjack Rules for Unusual Blackjack Games

The blackjack games described above all follow some variations of the standard rules of blackjack. But there are also other blackjack games that have far more unusual rules. In Spanish Blackjack all the 10s are removed from the deck, a player's 21 beats the dealer's 21, and special bonuses are awarded for certain card combinations. In Double Exposure Blackjack, both of the dealer's cards are face up, which gives the player a big advantage in determining his blackjack strategy, but the dealer wins all ties, definitely a disadvantage.

In Triple 7s Blackjack there is a side bet that makes you eligible to win bonus jackpots for one or more 7s in your hand, including a really big progressive jackpot for three 7s of diamonds. Other unusual online blackjack games with unusual blackjack rules include Bonus Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Perfect Pairs European Blackjack, Pontoon, and Super Fun 21 Blackjack.

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